Saturday, May 26, 2012


This is my first post here using my new fantastic MAC. I love her a lot, hahaha :)! But always have a lot of work to do, probably made her tired sometime. See, I use Cadence a lot, use Matlab a lot, write paper, surf on internet, bug Scotty and Yihong on gtalk everyday, video chat with my mom, watch TV, and take chipmunk picture EVERYDAY(that's so fun!!!, but someone don't want to take one, wasting of resource, hahaha). They are all done by my fantastic MAC, hahaha!

So, it's summer here, I love summer, because i can have watermelon, wear flipflop (you should notice that I don't need to wear socks and wash socks everyday :) ), have ice cream, look at hot girls and dream about become one of them some day in the near future, yeah, in the near future, hahahahaha. And you know, summer is a good time to do RESEARCH!!!

I will begin my PhD life here from this summer. So to be a Phd is one of my dreams and I really feel happy I can do this. Though I didn't get into damn UCDavis or other good schools, lolz. So we have an important tape out opportunity in July so I will spend the first half part of summer on that. Hopefully I can also finish one paper on SBDs during this time period.

And I had a lot reading to do, and make my brain STRONG!!!!!!

And for relaxing, I want to practice my LOL skill, lolz. You know, my character, LeBlanc, is an evil and sexy woman. But I played her stupid and clumsy. And I don't want to get any words like "this badbadlola is really bad" or "This LeBlanc is noob" anymore, lolz. My favorite party is watching Teemo play during my death, lolz. 

The last and most exciting news is Scotty will come back home by WALKING next month!!!! you know, the "walking" part is not true. But he will BE HOME!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I need to pretent I am calm and work hard, lolz!!! hahahaha, but still exciting, lalalala! I need to sing a song!!!!! hahahahahaaha!!!!!

I need get back to work and see you here later :)!


Friday, April 20, 2012


Hey, on April 20th two years ago, I met Scotty, who always sits in the first row of class and always has a lot of questions. It has been two years, haha.

I went to see Titanic tonight. It's my first time watching this, though it has been very famous for 15 years. It's a really really good movie, and made me really really sad :(. Oh boy, I am still crying now!!! I think I'd better take a shower and go bed early.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hey, it's late night here. Just want to share a funny video of a cat bath.

This cat called Lola. And she kept saying "chocolate" in Chinese during the bath. The pronunciation of her Chinese was perfect but her master didn't get her. I guess she would behave even better if her master give her some chocolate, wahahahahahahahahahaa!!!!!!!

Good night :)! 

Monday, April 9, 2012


So I am doing modeling of more Schottky diodes recently. They are fabricated in UMC90nm and UMC130nm. It's not hard but need take some time to do the calculation.

Before my graduation, I have one Master report, one term paper and one final report to finish.

Up to now, I didn't hear any good news from any school, which is a bummer. I start looking for jobs and I should remember that enjoy life is the most important thing. I REALLY WANT TO GO TO CALIFORNIA!!!!! lalalalalalalalalala

This yellow flower is right beside the EE building. It's pretty nice :)

Yihong and I went to mall to help one of my lab mate to pick up a shirt for his conference, these bows for men made me think about Micky Mouse.

Here is Li's car after the accident. POOR car!!!

This buffalo looks a little bit said. I guess I need to give him a hug!!! Or he just feel tired!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


It's a pretty day.
Finished my thesis writing, finally. And just more work to do more books to read, lalalalala.

My sweet Cali says hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's just so green today!!! lalalalalala!!!
And I got one Tech shirt!!!!

Go back to work, or, wait, I will stop by the animal and food science building to buy some meat, ahahahaha, I love beef, lamb, see, so bad!!!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


It's a beautiful Sunday. And Scotty will go back to Cali.

I was emotional the past two days, haha, only a little bit, a little bit. It's so hard to say bye!

There is a custom in China that before your trip, you take dumplings and after you got your destination, you take noodles. So I will have some dumplings at noon and have noodle at evening. What an amazing plan, isn't it? ahahahahahaha

Here is the dumplings, I made 13 for your lucky 13, ahahahaha, but it seems a little bit more for me!
Now I am enjoying the dumplings and Dr.Who.

Here is my unhappy Stitch and Scotty's birthday cake. My Stitch just wants more!!!! It's so good!!!

And here is the "trouble maker", everybody fall back, fall back!!!

ahaha, just messing. Hope you have a nice and safe trip back to Cali. Hope everything will go well with you. I will miss you a lot at the lovely west Texas.

Hope I can see you again in the near future :)! lalalalalalala. Go back to back for me :)!

I had pasta tonight!!! Made by myself, lalalalalala!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012


Late last week, Scotty came back for spring break. I got very excited when he told me he would be back for one week break!!!!!

I was extremely happy when I saw him. And enjoyed great times with him and his sweet families. We celebrated his 29th birthday in March, ahahaha!!! Basically, after my defense on Monday, I only have two status -- hang out with Scotty or wait to see Scotty. It has been almost 7 months I didn't see him!!!!! He didn't change a lot. He looks great and still funny and talkative!!!!

But at this moment I feel sad because he will leave soon. I think I will miss him more than before!!!! And I don't know when I will see him again :(.

I will hate California if I couldn't get there !!!!! (ahahahahaha, just kidding!)

Monday, March 12, 2012


I took a good shower just now and I am sitting in my chair, waiting my hair be dry. I think I need a hair cut because my hair almost reach my waist.

Today, I worked almost the whole day. Project and my thesis. And I cooked for Yihong and me for tomorrow's lunch. Chicken, bell pepper, eggs and tomatoes, ahahahaha. The problem is I am still sick and my taste kind of stop working. So it the lunch taste not very good, it's not my fault!!!!! wahahahaha!!!!

This pic is for the one who felt frustrated and didn't in a good mood today earlier. ahahaha. SMILE!!!!!
And more pics below!!!! It's a pretty day today, just a little windy!!!

I need to wait my hair to be dry. So one or two LOL. I am getting better, I can kill two or three enemies and just die like 3 or 4 times in one game, lolz!!! And I need to do a mask, now!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I am much better today!!!!
I have been sick very bad this week. I didn't got sick as bad as this time since high school. The good thing is I am good now and I lost almost 3 pounds up to now :). So I am going to make a relatively long blog today :)!

I had a meeting with a professor from Texas A&M University today. It lasted for one hour. I talked about my research work in the past 2 years. He asked me some questions in detail. Then he talked me a lot about his research group. What projects he is working on and what projects he plan to do in the future. He gave me some encouraging signs but he didn't guarantee anything. So I still need to wait more good news!

Another thing is I got a good old friend back. We met each other when I was in high school. But we actually see each other only one time. And we were keeping in touch by phone and internet. We kind of loosing touch since I came to US and became really busy. Some days before, my mom told me she called my mom and said she really miss me. I feel warm and be touched deep in heart. I called her and we talked a lot. Both of us feel very excited. We will keep in touch for sure.   

Some little things happen in life made me feel warm. I got a lot help from Yihong during my sickness. She bought me dinner home, she asked me how I was feeling every day. She take me home every night from school. I really appreciate that I have a such good friend here. I got greetings from Scotty and asked me how I was doing every day. He also encouraged me stand up for myself and gave me suggestion how to do in the interview. Thank you all so much  :)!

And I got help from strangers as well. Yesterday I was coughed badly at the hallway in the department, a student was passing by and gave me a package of cough drops :). Yesterday I was trying to buy a bottle of water from the vending machine, the bad thing is the machine only accept 1 dollar bill. I only had one 1 dollar bill and couples of quarters. But I need to at least two 1 dollar bill to get that water. A cleaner passed by and gave one dollar bill. I gave him four quarters but he insisted not to take that. And he said have a good day to me :)!

A bad thing is my neighbor lost a 3-legged cat whose name is Poor Baby. It's kind of cold here recently. I really hope this cute little baby will get home soon!

OK, that's pretty much. I will do a mask and play some LOL!!! ahahahaha! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I got a bad cold from yesterday. Like Scotty said, I am too stressful recently.
See, I have a final project due tomorrow. Have a very important meeting on Friday. I have to finish my thesis soon and my defense is on 26th March from 9am to 11am.
I was trying to study some today, but my bad headache didn't allow me to focus. I guess it's better to take some medicine and go to bed early.
Hope I will be better tomorrow :)!

This is my CAT! She likes reading very much. She is kind of reading books (include one English book) even during sleeps, ahahahaha. I need to work as hard as my cat!

No Tech pic today because I didn't leave my apartment today!!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I am extremely sleepy today!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Went to school, went to my friend's wedding, went to grocery shops......
Eh, go to bed now.

  I took the Pooh and piggy pic at Asian Mart today , ahahahaha :P!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Swam 820 yards (750m) this afternoon. The pool was so crowed and there were some people dancing Zumba in water, quite funny. So my plan is set 820 yards to be my minimum.

The good news today is our paper got accepted by Electronics Letters. Thanks for everyone's hard work! I feel very happy about that :)!!!!

I just watched the first episode of "Doctor Who". It's quite interesting and a little bit scary. hahahaha. I should go bed soon but I really want to watch one more episode, just one more. So you can tell it's actually good! I love London and British accent but don't like listen English with English subtitle, ahahahaha!

Well well, just one more Dr.Who :)!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Technically it's already 2nd of March. But I found the time on my blog is California time ( I don't know why), so it's still 1st of March!

I didn't swim today. Got up by tons of messages!!!!  Then went to school, got a lot of works, wahahahaha!!! Oh, we cleaned the lab at the end of the day and the floor will be waxed tonight!!! 

So sleepy!! Good night! It's spring here :)!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today I only swam for 820 yards (750 m). I was aiming for more than 1000 yards but I guess I am not in a good swimming mood today.

Actually, I am not in a good research or study mood today. I got up late, went to class, do some homework. In that "Internet Programming" class. We are doing our final project on a shopping cart. I am going to make it as fancy as I can. The due is 7th March!!!

Scotty, I did the verilog-A code for the Schottky diode and Dr.Li approved it. I did that base on the I-V relationship equation of the diode. And there are three variables in the equation -- Ideality factor, effective barrier height and the series resistor. Each variable has a relationship with temperature. So just apply these three into the diode equation. I did this only for one size (the 2.4um x 2.4 um) diode and it the simulation curve and measurement curve fits well. So on the next tape out on 26th March, I will apply this new module to the front-end! Any other suggestion? Thank you very much for your previous version. It helped me a lot! The syntax errors are very annoying and how I remember how did you struggle with it, ahahahaha!!! And it's much easier for me to do that base on your correct syntax version!!!

I need to set up my defense date with Dr.Gale tomorrow. Pay my rent and bills!!!! Remind me!!!!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So, first time use Google Blogger. I have a blog in Chinese and keep writing blog for 6 years. From freshman year(2005) to 2011. Then became lazy about it which is not very good :(

Lubbock is very windy and dusty today, as usual in spring. I swam for 1000 yards today which is a new record of myself :). I feel good about it and feel good about keeping working out.  I love Zumba, usually take two Zumba classes one week.

I need take one or two days a week only working on my thesis writing. The defense  should be before March 28 which is only one month from today.

Hope I can get my two degrees soon!!!!!

I took this pic someday on my way from EE to Rec center, it's SPRING!!!!