Tuesday, February 11, 2014


It has been a while since last time I post something here. I casually ran into my old posts here on a Sunday night another day. I had lots of fun of reading them. Just old sweet silly good days!!! So I decided to continue writing my blog to recording my daily life here :)!

So it's Feb 2014, I am in Lubbock, Texas for my fifth year in US. This is my second year of Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. If I look back on my past few years, I would truly appreciate what life brought me. I love my research life though sometimes I am struggling, my parents love me very much and they have been very supportive, I got bunch of good friends here, I have an adorable cat, though my income is limited but I can afford most part of my life and got a nice car... Yeah, I shouldn't blame anything and just need to work harder to see what life will bring me next.

Yeah, I know life is not always being nice to me. There was something happened in my life that I don't want to talk about. Even I think about it today, there is still a feeling that something is trying to tear my heart apart. I was trying to admit that it is life and just let it go. But some part of my mind keeps telling me that you should try harder to find it back. It's quite struggling.

Yeah, bitter and sweet, but I love my life. I just need to work harder and keep my fingers crossed.


Saturday, May 26, 2012


This is my first post here using my new fantastic MAC. I love her a lot, hahaha :)! But always have a lot of work to do, probably made her tired sometime. See, I use Cadence a lot, use Matlab a lot, write paper, surf on internet, bug Scotty and Yihong on gtalk everyday, video chat with my mom, watch TV, and take chipmunk picture EVERYDAY(that's so fun!!!, but someone don't want to take one, wasting of resource, hahaha). They are all done by my fantastic MAC, hahaha!

So, it's summer here, I love summer, because i can have watermelon, wear flipflop (you should notice that I don't need to wear socks and wash socks everyday :) ), have ice cream, look at hot girls and dream about become one of them some day in the near future, yeah, in the near future, hahahahaha. And you know, summer is a good time to do RESEARCH!!!

I will begin my PhD life here from this summer. So to be a Phd is one of my dreams and I really feel happy I can do this. Though I didn't get into damn UCDavis or other good schools, lolz. So we have an important tape out opportunity in July so I will spend the first half part of summer on that. Hopefully I can also finish one paper on SBDs during this time period.

And I had a lot reading to do, and make my brain STRONG!!!!!!

And for relaxing, I want to practice my LOL skill, lolz. You know, my character, LeBlanc, is an evil and sexy woman. But I played her stupid and clumsy. And I don't want to get any words like "this badbadlola is really bad" or "This LeBlanc is noob" anymore, lolz. My favorite party is watching Teemo play during my death, lolz. 

The last and most exciting news is Scotty will come back home by WALKING next month!!!! you know, the "walking" part is not true. But he will BE HOME!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I need to pretent I am calm and work hard, lolz!!! hahahaha, but still exciting, lalalala! I need to sing a song!!!!! hahahahahaaha!!!!!

I need get back to work and see you here later :)!


Friday, April 20, 2012


Hey, on April 20th two years ago, I met Scotty, who always sits in the first row of class and always has a lot of questions. It has been two years, haha.

I went to see Titanic tonight. It's my first time watching this, though it has been very famous for 15 years. It's a really really good movie, and made me really really sad :(. Oh boy, I am still crying now!!! I think I'd better take a shower and go bed early.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hey, it's late night here. Just want to share a funny video of a cat bath.

This cat called Lola. And she kept saying "chocolate" in Chinese during the bath. The pronunciation of her Chinese was perfect but her master didn't get her. I guess she would behave even better if her master give her some chocolate, wahahahahahahahahahaa!!!!!!!

Good night :)! 

Monday, April 9, 2012


So I am doing modeling of more Schottky diodes recently. They are fabricated in UMC90nm and UMC130nm. It's not hard but need take some time to do the calculation.

Before my graduation, I have one Master report, one term paper and one final report to finish.

Up to now, I didn't hear any good news from any school, which is a bummer. I start looking for jobs and I should remember that enjoy life is the most important thing. I REALLY WANT TO GO TO CALIFORNIA!!!!! lalalalalalalalalala

This yellow flower is right beside the EE building. It's pretty nice :)

Yihong and I went to mall to help one of my lab mate to pick up a shirt for his conference, these bows for men made me think about Micky Mouse.

Here is Li's car after the accident. POOR car!!!

This buffalo looks a little bit said. I guess I need to give him a hug!!! Or he just feel tired!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


It's a pretty day.
Finished my thesis writing, finally. And just more work to do more books to read, lalalalala.

My sweet Cali says hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's just so green today!!! lalalalalala!!!
And I got one Tech shirt!!!!

Go back to work, or, wait, I will stop by the animal and food science building to buy some meat, ahahahaha, I love beef, lamb, see, so bad!!!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


It's a beautiful Sunday. And Scotty will go back to Cali.

I was emotional the past two days, haha, only a little bit, a little bit. It's so hard to say bye!

There is a custom in China that before your trip, you take dumplings and after you got your destination, you take noodles. So I will have some dumplings at noon and have noodle at evening. What an amazing plan, isn't it? ahahahahahaha

Here is the dumplings, I made 13 for your lucky 13, ahahahaha, but it seems a little bit more for me!
Now I am enjoying the dumplings and Dr.Who.

Here is my unhappy Stitch and Scotty's birthday cake. My Stitch just wants more!!!! It's so good!!!

And here is the "trouble maker", everybody fall back, fall back!!!

ahaha, just messing. Hope you have a nice and safe trip back to Cali. Hope everything will go well with you. I will miss you a lot at the lovely west Texas.

Hope I can see you again in the near future :)! lalalalalalala. Go back to back for me :)!

I had pasta tonight!!! Made by myself, lalalalalala!!!