Tuesday, February 11, 2014


It has been a while since last time I post something here. I casually ran into my old posts here on a Sunday night another day. I had lots of fun of reading them. Just old sweet silly good days!!! So I decided to continue writing my blog to recording my daily life here :)!

So it's Feb 2014, I am in Lubbock, Texas for my fifth year in US. This is my second year of Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. If I look back on my past few years, I would truly appreciate what life brought me. I love my research life though sometimes I am struggling, my parents love me very much and they have been very supportive, I got bunch of good friends here, I have an adorable cat, though my income is limited but I can afford most part of my life and got a nice car... Yeah, I shouldn't blame anything and just need to work harder to see what life will bring me next.

Yeah, I know life is not always being nice to me. There was something happened in my life that I don't want to talk about. Even I think about it today, there is still a feeling that something is trying to tear my heart apart. I was trying to admit that it is life and just let it go. But some part of my mind keeps telling me that you should try harder to find it back. It's quite struggling.

Yeah, bitter and sweet, but I love my life. I just need to work harder and keep my fingers crossed.


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