Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today I only swam for 820 yards (750 m). I was aiming for more than 1000 yards but I guess I am not in a good swimming mood today.

Actually, I am not in a good research or study mood today. I got up late, went to class, do some homework. In that "Internet Programming" class. We are doing our final project on a shopping cart. I am going to make it as fancy as I can. The due is 7th March!!!

Scotty, I did the verilog-A code for the Schottky diode and Dr.Li approved it. I did that base on the I-V relationship equation of the diode. And there are three variables in the equation -- Ideality factor, effective barrier height and the series resistor. Each variable has a relationship with temperature. So just apply these three into the diode equation. I did this only for one size (the 2.4um x 2.4 um) diode and it the simulation curve and measurement curve fits well. So on the next tape out on 26th March, I will apply this new module to the front-end! Any other suggestion? Thank you very much for your previous version. It helped me a lot! The syntax errors are very annoying and how I remember how did you struggle with it, ahahahaha!!! And it's much easier for me to do that base on your correct syntax version!!!

I need to set up my defense date with Dr.Gale tomorrow. Pay my rent and bills!!!! Remind me!!!!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So, first time use Google Blogger. I have a blog in Chinese and keep writing blog for 6 years. From freshman year(2005) to 2011. Then became lazy about it which is not very good :(

Lubbock is very windy and dusty today, as usual in spring. I swam for 1000 yards today which is a new record of myself :). I feel good about it and feel good about keeping working out.  I love Zumba, usually take two Zumba classes one week.

I need take one or two days a week only working on my thesis writing. The defense  should be before March 28 which is only one month from today.

Hope I can get my two degrees soon!!!!!

I took this pic someday on my way from EE to Rec center, it's SPRING!!!!