Sunday, April 1, 2012


It's a beautiful Sunday. And Scotty will go back to Cali.

I was emotional the past two days, haha, only a little bit, a little bit. It's so hard to say bye!

There is a custom in China that before your trip, you take dumplings and after you got your destination, you take noodles. So I will have some dumplings at noon and have noodle at evening. What an amazing plan, isn't it? ahahahahahaha

Here is the dumplings, I made 13 for your lucky 13, ahahahaha, but it seems a little bit more for me!
Now I am enjoying the dumplings and Dr.Who.

Here is my unhappy Stitch and Scotty's birthday cake. My Stitch just wants more!!!! It's so good!!!

And here is the "trouble maker", everybody fall back, fall back!!!

ahaha, just messing. Hope you have a nice and safe trip back to Cali. Hope everything will go well with you. I will miss you a lot at the lovely west Texas.

Hope I can see you again in the near future :)! lalalalalalala. Go back to back for me :)!

I had pasta tonight!!! Made by myself, lalalalalala!!!


  1. lolz... I didn't realize you took a picture of me while I was making dessert...

    1. haha, you were just pretending to make dessert. You tried to eat all the mangoes!!! just kidding:) ahahahahaha!!!