Saturday, May 26, 2012


This is my first post here using my new fantastic MAC. I love her a lot, hahaha :)! But always have a lot of work to do, probably made her tired sometime. See, I use Cadence a lot, use Matlab a lot, write paper, surf on internet, bug Scotty and Yihong on gtalk everyday, video chat with my mom, watch TV, and take chipmunk picture EVERYDAY(that's so fun!!!, but someone don't want to take one, wasting of resource, hahaha). They are all done by my fantastic MAC, hahaha!

So, it's summer here, I love summer, because i can have watermelon, wear flipflop (you should notice that I don't need to wear socks and wash socks everyday :) ), have ice cream, look at hot girls and dream about become one of them some day in the near future, yeah, in the near future, hahahahaha. And you know, summer is a good time to do RESEARCH!!!

I will begin my PhD life here from this summer. So to be a Phd is one of my dreams and I really feel happy I can do this. Though I didn't get into damn UCDavis or other good schools, lolz. So we have an important tape out opportunity in July so I will spend the first half part of summer on that. Hopefully I can also finish one paper on SBDs during this time period.

And I had a lot reading to do, and make my brain STRONG!!!!!!

And for relaxing, I want to practice my LOL skill, lolz. You know, my character, LeBlanc, is an evil and sexy woman. But I played her stupid and clumsy. And I don't want to get any words like "this badbadlola is really bad" or "This LeBlanc is noob" anymore, lolz. My favorite party is watching Teemo play during my death, lolz. 

The last and most exciting news is Scotty will come back home by WALKING next month!!!! you know, the "walking" part is not true. But he will BE HOME!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I need to pretent I am calm and work hard, lolz!!! hahahaha, but still exciting, lalalala! I need to sing a song!!!!! hahahahahaaha!!!!!

I need get back to work and see you here later :)!